The Estate

We also offer the option of booking both Villas as one.

We call this “The Estate”.

Our unique piece of land lays at 13,700 square meters (or 1.37 hectares) and houses two of the most EXCLUSIVE properties available in Crete, with the total of 16 bedrooms.
Furthermore there is a secluded scenic private playground, along with various carefully designed PATHS taking our guests through olive trees, local vegetation and unique views.
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The two Villas are 180 metres (or 590 feet) apart (door to door). They have total privacy due to their orientation, the site terrain and landscaping. Despite this, there is easy access between them. We offer various shaded dining areas in both Villas. Among others, there is a lightweight pergola structure that can seat up to 32 guests at one long dining table and has stunning views towards the Mediterranean.

We designed and built pathways through the olive trees and local vegetation, in the “wild”, “untouched” area in between the two villas.

Rest areas and hammocks where one can simply lay under the shade of the olive trees and enjoy a peaceful rest, a nice book or a chat are arranged along the way of the paths.

Now a couple of these paths lead to the “hidden private playground” by the bridge of the estate.

We wanted to improve the facilities for families with children staying at the villas as we found that many of our guests were family groups.

We wanted to offer an area where children could play freely and safely without having to leave the site.

The “hidden private playground” is in between the two villas. Close enough for easy access, but at the same time quite remote and hidden. It is barely visible from the villas due to the surrounding vegetation and terrain. Children playing there cannot be heard from the villas, but at the same time, it is less than five minutes walk to get to it along footpaths from either villa. It is convenient for families who will love to use it as much as possible, yet simultaneously invisible to guests without children.


According to international studies, when playing, children practice all the skills they need later in life. Play supports learning, enhances the ability to concentrate and nourishes creativity. Movement is an essential part of children’s play which boosts their physical fitness in a natural way.

We use playground equipment from LAPPSET

They offered the ideal designs we were looking for to create a safe and high-quality playground. All their equipment is manufactured in Finland. The timber used blends well into the surrounding environment both in terms of colour and design. They alsocomply with all relevant EU safety standards. Most importantly, the kids that have tried it so far all love it.

The playground has:

  • Mobile Seahorse suitable for ages 2+
  • Balancing beam suitable for 3+
  • Swing frame with one Cradle seat suitable for 1+ and one Rubber swing seat suitable for 3+
  • Seesaw for two suitable for 3+
  • Climbing frame suitable for 4+
  • Timber House suitable for 2+
  • Abacus suitable for 1+

There are also carefully designed shaded areas for the parents.


There is the option of booking both the villas as one! Contact Us